Our Australian Made Curtains

TWC is a proud supporter and manufacturer of Australian made window furnishings. Our recent curtain range has just been accredited to carry the "Australian Made" logo.

A selection of 67 different colours and blends of fabrics, TWC's comprehensive curtain range is easily customisable with various track and style options.

Here are our top reasons to choose Australian made Curtains and PVC Shutters:

  • Products made locally are manufactured to the highest standards, so when you purchase Australian made you know that it is made with the highest quality that is built to last. At TWC, we are committed to engaging in best practice and products made to the highest standard.  
  • Contribute to economic development: Support local production and jobs by purchasing Australian made window furnishings. Not only will you be contributing to the economic development, but also the jobs that support families. 
  • Our curtains and PVC Shutters have a fast turnaround time.


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