Zipscreen is now Australian Made accredited!

The Australian Made logo is the most trusted and widely used country of origin symbol administered by Australian Made Campaign Limited (AMCL). This means that products carrying the logo are 'genuinely Australian'.

TWC take pride in manufacturing premium Zipscreen products locally, and with the added Australian Logo accreditation, it means our product meets the highest of Australian manufacturing standards.

From July 1st, you will notice the Australian Made logo sticker on the packaged product that is delivered to your door. The presence of the logo shows that our Zipscreen is specifically manufactured to withstand the harsh Australian climate.

We thank you for your support in our local manufacturing business, as it positively impacts the Australian industry by supporting jobs and families.

If you wish to know more about our Zipscreen products, please contact your Account Manager or our friendly Customer Service team. 

Kind regards, 

Scott Gurnett
Chief Executive Officer