Rope And Pulley Straight Drop Awning

Rope And Pulley Straight Drop Awning

The TWC Rope and Pulley Straight Drop Awning is a simple type of external blind, retracted by a rope and pulley and extended by gravity.

This awning has no arms and when fully extended it is held down by straps to prevent it flapping in the wind.

When the rope is pulled to retract the awning, the fabric rolls around a tube at the base of the blind. Ideally suited for traditional verandahs, or the edge of a pergola where the top fixing position slopes from one side to the other.

Ideally used to protect against the sun or as a privacy screen.

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Minimum Width
Maximum Width
Minimum Drop
Maximum Drop
Fabric will be joined to achieve the least amount of wastage.
Hardware Supplied
70mm x 20mm Timber Headboard wrapped in fabric.
Bottom pocket 38mm steel tube with plain end caps.
2 x Single pulley with adaptors
2 x Breeching Staples
Rope 6 x Drop plus 1 x width and cleat
1 pair 300mm webbed straps
1 pair strap adaptors
1 pair breech staples
Webbed Straps
Other sizes available, extra charges may apply.
Centre joins and panels are available. Surcharge applies. (Please refer to pricing guide for additional charges). Please note joins will not be made closer than 500mm to the edge of the blind.