Our Company


Total Window Concepts is Australia's largest wholesale manufacturer of custom made window furnishings.

Originally formed in 1997, the Hoppers Crossing location was considered almost a rural area at the time. 

With vision and a deep commitment to "Australian made" Greg Campbell quickly became the sole owner and Managing Director in 1998. Through strategic planning and willingness to take a risk,  he gathered a skilled and enthusiastic team to move towards a shared view of a successful future together. In these early days 25 staff worked as a tight knit team operating from one factory, with a focus on producing well priced, quality Venetian and Vertical blinds. 

Through the expansion of international partnerships, and a focus on creating the best possible outcomes for customers, a close working relationship developed with Holis (an Israeli company) who was the major supplier of componentry. During the next 10 years TWC won several Israel Trade Investment Awards, in recognition of the outstanding contribution forging international trade links. 

TWC had a long term relationship with Denava Manufacturing. Until 2008 the Vertical and Roman shade production, was developed in partnership with them, which added value to TWC's production capabilities. From 2008, Denava merged with TWC, which was mutually beneficial. Our sales team was strengthened with this expertise.

In 2009, TWC was recognised and celebrated with Julia Gillard presenting the company with acknowledgement of a training award, after heavily investing in employee learning and development initiatives. 174 staff completed Certificate III and IV manufacturing programs, over the course of a nine month period. 

The business has grown with the same integrity and care that are used to craft every product. Operational practices and procedures embody the principles that underpin the company values. With a growing presence and product range over the past 20 years, TWC is now considered the market leader. 

TWC's motivation to produce exceptional quality together with speedy delivery, the business rapidly expanded. The products now include an extensive range, that reflect the latest trends. Utilising a strengths based approach, each of these areas is ably led by managers, whose expertise was cultivated from within the organisation. They were able to make the necessary adjustments to move forward, ensuring the positive TWC culture was embedded into the practice of each department.  

TWC now proudly has a team of over 420 employees. We actively promote equal opportunity and welcome diversity, with staff from a variety of multi-cultural backgrounds, who now work from 16 factories in Melbourne's West, Sydney and Queensland, creating a vibrant hub around the original factory.  We value and support our team so they, in turn, give their very best for our customers. Staff satisfaction is clearly reflected by the impressive number of employees with longevity in their tenure, boasting over 10 and some 20 years of service, building a sense of ownership, expertise and intellectual property, which are highly valued and shared with new employees. 

TWC has exhibited at 5 BMAA expos, which has evoked great interest from wholesalers and retailers Australia wide. Creating confidence through exceptional stock management standards, ensures a continuity of supply and distribution. This alongside with outstanding quality and service, is yet another differentiator that sets TWC apart from the competition. 

TWC is committed to continuous improvement, utilising the latest industry best practice, which include the online ordering and tracking system and the heavy investment in automation and cutting edge technologies. 

TWC prioritizes building long-lasting commitments with charitable organizations, including our ongoing support of Women for Women in Africa. By aligning with impactful causes, we strive to make a lasting difference through sustained engagement and financial assistance.

The business remains family owned, and as we celebrate our 25th year, the company is eager to offer reward and recognition to all those who have contributed to the success of the TWC story. We are forward looking and energised to maintaining the highest standards of quality and service.


Our values

+ Team work
+ Integrity
+ Quality
+ Service
+ Continuous Improvement