Zipscreen® by Rollease Acmeda is the ultimate screening solution allowing you to seamlessly integrate your indoor and outdoor entertaining areas whilst saving on your energy costs.

By enclosing your entertaining areas, Zipscreen blinds offer privacy and protection from the elements - rain, wind or sun and insects, ensuring comfort all year round.

Whether you opt for motorised, manually controlled crank or spring operation, Zipscreen blinds are simple yet stylish in design and are the perfect solution for any outdoor residential or commercial application.

Channel Guide Zipscreen's are custom made to fit and feature self-aligning side channels. Which can be used to enclose pergolas, alfresco areas, or as an external roller blind for windows.

Zipscreen Wire Guide is a sturdy system that provides the best option for when fixing a channel to a wall is not possible.

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Spring operation.
Tube Size
No Headbox as standard (if headbox required please specify, see price list).
Headbox Size
125mm x 125mm.
Headbox, Side Guides and Baserail
56mm Powder coated in Zipscreen standard colour range – Pure White, Anodised, Classic Cream, Paperbark, Woodland Grey, Black, Ironstone, Windspray, Shale Grey and Monument.
Base Rail
F56 - 56mm fitted with Bubble Strip.
Fabric will be joined to achieve the least amount of wastage.
Face or Reveal (must specify).
If face L fixing rail will be supplied (see price list for cost).
Pull Handle
One will be supplied with each spring operated blind.
Weight Bar Lock and Latch Set
One set (left and right) with each spring operated blind.
Wind Resistance
Up to 50km winds.
Maximum Square Metres
14 square metres.
Powder Coating
Available on request with surcharge. Please allow extra lead time.
Crank Operation
1 x 1500mm Crank Handle per order - surcharge applies.
Motorised Operation
Must be direct wired – molex cannot be used.
(see external motorisation sheet)
Ultra Lock V2
Please specify – surcharge applies.
Please specify – surcharge applies.
Skin Only
Surcharge supplies.
Shaded Area
Refer to Extreme Price List.
Centre joins and panels are available. Please note joins will not be made closer than 500mm to the edge of the blind.
Please see pricing guide for additional charge.
Zipscreen Manual
Acmeda Zipscreen installation manual
Download (pdf)
Zip Screen User Guide
Operating instructions
Download (pdf)
Zip Screen Ultra Lock V2
Ultra Lock flyer
Download (pdf)
Motor programming
Wire free outdoor motor programming instructions
Download (pdf)